Environmentally Sustainable Design

Green design is not an “add-on” at Sigma Consulting Engineers. Environmentally sustainable design is an intrinsic part of everything that we do. It is just the scale that varies.
The New Zealand Green Building Council has developed the Green Star NZ environmental rating system to assess the environmental impact of construction projects. This system assesses projects using 8 categories:
  •  Management
  •  Indoor Environmental Quality
  •  Energy
  •  Transport
  •  Water
  •  Materials
  •  Land Use and Ecology
  •  Emissions
A “score” is assigned to a project so that it’s “greenness” can be determined in comparison to other projects. Each project will have areas that are relatively easy to focus on and other areas that may not be appropriate to attend to.
Sigma’s philosophy is to have the environmental positives of a project exceed any potentially detrimental aspects. A simple example is the planting of trees around areas of a site to compensate for the construction of necessary impervious pavement elsewhere.
Tim Pike is a Green Star New Zealand Accredited Professional and can help guide clients through the process.